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Delete Default Attributes like "Brand"

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Ruben Heinrich asked a question on 12 Jul 2018 6:28 AM
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Hi All,

so we have a blank system, not much Data. Somehow System has generated itself thoose default Attributes. I can not delete any of them which is a real Pain. 

- i deleted all attribute groups

The Error Says: 

"Attributes can not be deleted while dependent provision channel attributes exist" 

has anyone got an idea? 

NataliiaS responded on 12 Jul 2018 7:59 PM
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Hi Ruben,

Go to Product information management > Setup > Categories and attributes  > Attribute groups and delete all attribute groups from there. After that you will be able to delete product attribute.

Ruben Heinrich responded on 14 Jul 2018 6:40 AM
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Hi Natalia,

first thing i did. But doesnt help, there is even 2 attribute groups i can not delete, where i get the same error.

- Default category attribute group

- Default product attribute group

there seems to be something set up in Retail (maybe through initilization) which i dont find.

NataliiaS responded on 16 Jul 2018 4:32 AM
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Yes, those product attributes and attribute groups are initialized by retail functionality, and at that stage I do not see any options to change it from the UI. I tried to delete those groups in demo data and could not do it, because they are used somewhere in retail shared parameters (which I could not find on form).

However, I was able to delete it when I turned off Retail configuration key. Therefore, if you do not use retail functionality on your project you can do the same. Otherwise, I would recomend you to leave those attributes as they are used by the system and you may simply break retail logic.

Ruben Heinrich responded on 17 Jul 2018 4:41 AM
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i thought so. thing is, i am unsure, whether some functionality will be disabled which we re actually using. like categories as a whole.

shame this is.


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