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Emailing invoices

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HJ1234 asked a question on 12 Oct 2018 4:27 AM

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We have a company that has multiple branches. Branches have been set up with their own account, these accounts are linked to the head office account, so only one statement is sent to the head office account, - which lists all the invoices created on the branch accounts.

We need to send the invoices to the branch accounts? If we could send invoice to branch and/or  head office, but statement to head office account.

Navision only lets you email invoicesto the head office account email address? Unable to email invoices yo branches.



Please post this thread in the Navison forum.

You ended up in the MSDyn365FO forum.

Many thanks and best regards,


HJ1234 responded on 13 Oct 2018 7:15 PM

Sorry wrong forum

kabski responded on 3 Dec 2018 9:32 AM

Hi Ludwig

Do you know if this is possible in AX 2013 R3?

Many thanks


Hi kabski,

What do you mean exactly?

Sending invoices by email?

Best regards,



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