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Dynamics hosted web service?

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JustinBa asked a question on 5 Oct 2017 4:54 PM

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I have a managed package that integrates my product with Dynamics 365. Up until this point, I have only needed to access the standard API, and the javascript objects. However, I now have a requirement to do the following:

I would like to host a page on dynamics, that can receive a web request, process it, and then store a value in a dynamics table that hopefully only my package has access to.

Is this possible? Can someone please point me to a tutorial of some sort? I can't seem to craft a search to find this info.


if you are talking  about D365 finance and operations here is documentation

JustinBa responded on 6 Oct 2017 11:04 AM

Sukrut, thank you for your attention to my question. I briefly looked at the documentation you linked, and it appears that it is a lesson on consuming external services. What I would like to do is host a server-side page that can accept requests, and lives in the D365 instance. In case it is useful, I will attempt to describe my use case in generic terms.

My solution lives in an iFrame hosted on different pages in Dynamics (and other CRM systems). Namely, account, lead, opportunity. That iFrame gathers context from the XRM.Page javascript objects, and makes a call to a web service that I host in Azure.

The web service is public, and its results contain sensitive data. My method of authentication would be to return the data ONLY to a trusted URL, somewhere that gets configured during the setup process.  I would like to set up that url as a service in Dynamics that can accept a web request, and save the data to an entity. At that point, the javascript in my iFrame would retrieve the information from the application could access the results securely from the entity specific to my package.

I know that it is possible in Salesforce, is it also possible in Dynamics? I would like to give my dynamics users the same good experience that my salesforce users get.


JustinBa responded on 6 Oct 2017 5:27 PM

not possible?


Hi JustinBa,

sorry for the late reply, I  don't think, I have done such a thing in the past (Dynamics hosted web service)

Can you check below link, its for AX 2012 , is that what you need ?

You can write your own custom service as well which will return data you want to send , If I am not mistaken you are looking for this ?

JustinBa responded on 6 Oct 2017 5:45 PM

Sukrut, I'm not super familiar with the different versions of Dynamics, but I believe that AX 2012 is an older, self hosted version of dynamics?

I'm not an owner of any envoirnment, I am an integrator. I am interested in a deep integration with hosted dynamics 365. In that case, I'm not sure that I have access to IIS? This needs to be something that I can package in a solution to be installed on a client's Dynamics.


In case of D365 you don't have access to IIS in that case It has to be part of D365 . Did you check my second link, writing custom service (SOAP/JSON) based in D365 ?

Martin Dráb responded on 13 Mar 2018 3:32 AM

I think you're talking about two different products. Dynamics 365 consists of several different products, therefore saying just "Dynamics 365" is insufficient.

JustinBa seems to mean ex-CRM and he attached the tag "Finance and Operations" by mistake, while Sukrut is talking about former Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition).


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