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Unable to update LedgerJournalTrans with Settled Transactions

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Forum

babalalex asked a question on 13 Jun 2019 4:20 AM
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Hi All,

I have created manual Customer Payment Journal through importing excel.Also inserted values into LedgerJournalTrans.MarkedInvoice and LedgerJournalTrans.AmountCurCredit.

After closing the settled transactions, dialogue for ensuring change in the credit amount appears where after giving Input as YES, invoice and amountcurcredit filed becomes blank. Through debugger i found that values are getting blank after my post event handler of Close where I am trying manually to update these two fields.

Then I wrote CoC for Invoice value, it is not working well as exxpected still showing blank value.

Now I am clueless how to move ahead with this development.

Kindly guide.

Thanks in advance.


YOu said you are importing those field through excel then what's  you are doing with those in eventhandler . Could you please explain what you are trying to achieve ?


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