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How to link 2 trees?

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BASMA asked a question on 14 Jun 2019 3:11 AM
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I have tree which contains all the mainMenus , their menusItems and their forms :

all of these informations are stocked into table.

Now I want that when I click on a form eg "custTable" all the buttons of this form will be displayed in a second tree. I started adding all the forms and their buttons to another table.

Have you any idea  :)

Blue Wang responded on 17 Jun 2019 4:01 AM
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Hi Basma,

I see you post this thread twice. 

My idea is that you can create a navigation tree, then load your hierarchy, and by clicking on the node, it will be displayed in another group (the second tree is included in this).

You can refer to the home page style to study, may take a lot of time.

I hope it can inspire you.


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