We're implementing PaymentConnector for Microsoft Dynamics-365/AX-7. The implementation is based on PaymentSDK. We've successfully    implemented & tested refund with card-present flow. However We're more interested in linked refund.
Microsoft documentation states that the Refund method is used to refund a payment transaction and return funds to the customer’s bank account. This method has the same request as the Authorization method. The only difference is that sometime a linked refund is required when the Capture response is also part of the request message.
Following is the signature of refund method:
Task<PaymentInfo> RefundPaymentAsync(decimal amount, string currency, bool isManualEntry, ExtensionTransaction extensionTransactionProperties);
Q: What is the mechanism/API to persist Capture response so that It'll become available when RefundPaymentAsync() get invoked? This is required to execute linked refund.
Your support is much appreciated.