I have to develop a custom form with image control to show the signature from signature pad in D365 FO form. I have added SigPlusNet dll into my project as a reference. Consumed this dll methods into my custom class class DigiSigatureUtility. 

I have installed Topaz software into client machine where the Signature pad is connected. It is working fine by testing with DemoOCX form. 

When i try to initialize the sugPlusNet, always its showing the TabletState is zero and GetTabletConnectQuery is false and GetTabletComTest is 0 because i'm running a port through HSB. 

sigPlusNet.SetTabletState(1); //tablet on

return sigPlusNet.GetTabletState();

Does anyone know how to initialize or tabletState to active? Is sigPlusNet will work with D365 FO ?

Please suggest or share your thoughts.

Br Abbas