Version 404.2008.19001.0 of the PC and HoloLens apps and solution version 400.0.4.31 include the following new features.

AUGUST 25, 2020
Feature Solution update required?
Use spatial triggers to go forward or backward in a guide Yes
New security roles to restrict access to guides Yes
Preview an image, video, or 3D model in the new Properties tab No
Back button behavior changed to return operator to the previously visited step No
Step card UI update No

Version numbers

There are updates for both the PC and HL applications and the Guides CDS solution.

Please see instructions for updating the Guides solution here.

PC/HL App version: 404.2008.19001.0

Guides CDS solution version: 400.0.4.31

The PC/HL apps require version 400 of the CDS solution.