What’s new in this release:

Online documentation for this release can be found here.

 This release includes:

  • Ability to create guides with non-linear (branching) workflows.
  • Use a spatial trigger to branch to a designated step.
  • Copy and paste the 3d position, orientation, and scale of a 3D model.

Version numbers

There are updates for both the PC and HoloLens applications and the Guides CDS solution.

Please see instructions for updating the Guides solution here.

PC/HL App version: 500.2009.23001

Guides CDS solution version: 500.0.1.1

The PC/HL apps require at least version 400 of the CDS solution to function. 

Easily check your App and Solution versions on the About page in the PC App:



You can check the compatibility table here for quick reference on which app versions are compatible with which CDS versions.

Important info on  mandatory update: 

A mandatory upgrade to the Guides CDS solution version 5.1 will be released on October 27, 2020 and will be required if you want to use the latest PC/HL applications. 

Starting October 1st, you will have 27 days to make the required Guides CDS solution update. After this 27-day period, ending October 27, 2020, all new Guides PC and HoloLens application releases going forward will only work with version 500.0.1.1 CDS solution or newer. 

Please work with your IT admins to schedule installing this update. 

N.B. this CDS solution upgrade could take an extended period for Guides instances that have a high number of records (guides, steps, images/videos/3d models). Please plan for at least 2 hours of downtime while making the upgrade. We’ll be addressing this issue in future releases to reduce