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As payment fraud continues to rise, so does the amount of money that companies spend each year to combat it. It's costing merchants trillions of dollars in losses, and they're spending billions of dollars to stem the financial hemorrhaging by layering inadequate solutions. Join us in this session to get a first look at a new solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, currently in public preview. It is a cloud-based solution which merchants can leverage to lower fraud costs, increase profitability, reduce friction in the customer experience, and integrate easily into their existing payment stack. Hear ideas and insights on how to leverage this new solution to help prevent fraud.

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Session Code: BRK2077
Session Type: 60-minute Breakout
Presenter: Julia Fu,Anand Oka
Level: Intermediate (200)
Product: Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
Product Category: Dynamics 365