Actuals are formed in Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation when time/expense is approved and when an invoice is confirmed. The whole logic behind Cost, Billed Sales and Unbilled Sales under Actuals can be a little confusing so I thought I'd write an article about them only to realize someone already beat me to it. Matt Johnson and CRM Tip of the Day wrote about Actuals back in February of 2017 and with their consent I'm sharing the content in my blog as well. Actuals can be difficult to understand so there can never be too many sources describing how they work.

The image below is pretty descriptive about how Actuals are formed in both Time & Material and Fixed Price projects. You can also grab the same image as a PDF here. Hopefully this will help you understand the logic behind Actuals. A big thanks to Matt and CRM Tip of the Day!

Be sure to also read Part II of this Article. You can find it here.

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