Hello All, We will be making the next major version (3.x) of Project Service application generally available in the next few weeks. A few key points about this release:

  1. This version of Project Service will ONLY work on the new Unified Client and will have major new functionality enhancements around Custom pricing dimensions, customizable, UCI-based experiences for time and expense, new and more modern WBS experiences and dedicated experiences for reconciling bookings and assignments just to name a few. For a full description of all things new in this release, please refer to the Project Service section of the Spring wave release notes here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/April18/dynamics365-project-service/overview
  2. With this release, customers will have the unique choice to either continue running and updating the 2.x versions of Project service application that work with the web client or OPT-IN to try the new UCI-based 3.x generation of the Project service application. 

Please stay tuned to know more about the status of the global roll-out Project Service solution, instructions on how to opt-in and pre-requisites for installing the new Project Service application.

What happens to Private Preview of 3.x version of PS?

Parties interested in private preview should note that once 3.x version of Project service application becomes generally available, we will be deactivating the Private Preview installation link for Project Service on App source. Those who have already installed private preview version of the 3.x Project Service solution will need to reset their orgs to get the GA version of Project Service as upgrade from Preview version to the GA version is not supported