question: Is there any option to delete the discount for a particular call center sales order line? or put it to zero.

In the retail parameters you can specify the "Manual line discounts replace system discounts" parameter.

When a call center sales order is created, the affliations and other retail discounts are added automatically on the salesline.

When this parameter is active, you can replace the retail discount in the field.


affliations 30% on price 13 euros

when entering manual discount percentage 10 --> discount is replaced (and not added) because of the parameter.

When adding a 0 (zero) to the field Manual Discount percentage, D365 sees this as empty field and changes the discount back to the original affliation.

Is there any option to delete the discount for this particular line on a call center sales order?

We also tried with discount persentage 0.01, and this returns 0 discount for this particular example as the unit price is only 13 euros. When unit is price is 10 000 euro it returns discount 1 euro.

Any other options?