Hope someone has some ideas.

I am looking at the Retail click and collect functions from onmi channel perspectives.

On MPOS I can request click and collect from store. However this books the sale order to the inventory of the store that the customer wants to pick up from.

The business I am looking at this for wants MPOS to work the same as the the website in that the order goes to the DC who will dispatch it to the store to be picked up. This way we would get consistency in fulfilment.

However I can't see an easy way to do this as MPOS books the order to the store.

Thoughts I had were;

a) Use Shipping with the store shipping warehouse set to the DC. To do this the customer would need each store address as a delivery point on the customer - not very practical with 50+ stores.

b) Use DOM to reset the e fulfilment warehouse to the DC through a rule once the order has been placed - not sure how that would work in MPOS - has anyone tried this?

Open to other suggestions? I think this is quite a common model in the UK....