The customer I am working with offers value add services on sports products and wants this to be possible through POS. These are services like your name printed on the back of a football shirt. The customer can select a limited number of letters and then some of the shops do this on site or it is went to the DC for  the Value Add and they ship the finished item to the customer. The key issue here is drawing down the inventory of letters and numbers used at the same time as the words can be completely random limited to 10 characters. Additionally the customer gives a discount the more letters you buy.

Through POS I thought of using an info code group for the order whereby a number of duplicated info codes run and within each info code I have sub-code buttons, each one attached to the letter products - so each info code sub-code list has 27 choices ("none" being one of them to cover for short words!)

All works fine. Products get added as expected and I can run a mix and match discount against the products and this applies the relevant discount. Users even love it as it is simple to use. Problem is once you start the info code group MPOS takes around 40 seconds to move to the start of the sub-code selection. I have even had the Retail Server timeout.

Does anyone know if there is a limit on the size of info code groups?

Does anyone have a suggestion of a better way of doing this?