Hi all,

I'm trying to run what I thought was a simple scenario to add a Product that has a 'Percent of List' Price list to a new Opportunity.

I'm getting the following notification when I try to add the product

"The following error occurred: Invalid Price Level Currency"

This is a completely new Sandbox instance that I've been trying to Proof of Concept after our production instance failed horribly on the exact same issue.

I have a single Test Product, set up with a Unit Group of Time and Unit of Weeks. I have a default Price List (Retail) set up as Currency Amount of $100.

I then have a Test price list set up as Percent of List, set to 30

I create a new opportunity and try to add a new Opportunity Product using the Test price list. That's when I receive the error.

This seems like the most basic, fundamental scenario and it just won't work. Creating standard Opp Products from the Retail price list is fine.

Any guideance would be really useful.

I've looked at the docs eg https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/developer/set-default-price-level-for-opportunity-quote-order-invoice and my settings are all the default.