We have recently migrated from NetSuite to D365 CE and working on new pipeline management tools for our sales team.  Our company uses Gross Margin in our forecasting instead of Revenue which seems to be counter to the out-of-the-box solutions in D365.  In NetSuite our pipeline reporting was designed to look at the sales entity that is the most advanced in the sales process.  That is, if an Opportunity had Quotes then the pipeline values would be based on the lines from "included" Quotes, otherwise it would use lines/amounts on Opportunities.  In D365 there doesn't seem to be anything similar to this and I have surmised that it will take customization to replicate our process (custom fields, perhaps a flow, etc.).  Before going down this path I wanted to pose this question to the community to see if there is something I am missing as a D365 newbie that I should be considering.  Thanks in advanced for any feedback.