We upgrade our system from CRM 2015 on-premise to CRM 365 on-premise V8.2.9. We found the following function is broke in CRM 365 but working in CRM 2015.

We have Entity A and Entity B, they're 1:N relationship. We have a sub-grid which contains Entity B data on Entity A form. Clicking sub-grid '+' sign to create a new Entity B record, then new Entity B pop-up window open. I can see Entity A's information is carrying over which is expected. Then filling all fields and clicking 'Save & New', another Entity B pop-up window opens. This time I don't see Entity A' information carrying over. I see other users have same issue:


It looks like this behavior is by design. I see some people mentioned that this can be done by JavaScript. but when I check the second Entity B pop-up window by using Xrm.Page.context.getQueryStringParameters(). I don't see _CreateFromId available. but I can see in first pop-up window.

I was wondering if there is other way to pass Entity A's information. Can anyone help me with this?