Hi all

My question is why in Sales Professional is there different address field setups for Accounts, contacts (Address1, 2 3) vs in the quote side of the system which has bill to address and ship to addresses.

The Bill to and Ship to seem to live only in the quote and invoice part of the system, but there is the option to pull addresses in from the Address table system, which is another whole set of unrelated details.

So it seems there is actually 3 sets of address data in the system which don't really talk to each other much.

Why can't I, or how can I pull account or contact address details into a quote, or perhaps more practically, why can't I store a ship to or bill to address directly against an account or contact?  I imagine with a lot of work, appropriate fields could be created to duplicate it all, but i would have thought the out of the box Sales Professional system would have dealt with this.

I suspect that the Address 1 format more fits the way that Outlook looks at addresses, but surely the fields could be mapped against each other?