Hello Experts,

I would like to get your support on how to implement Dynamics 365 for Sales for my company. We produce electronic components, and our opportunities have well defined stages, that fit nicely with the Dynamics 365, but the problem comes when defining the turnover: in our industry it is very common that the opportunity has a defined lifetime with yearly volume and associated price. For example, for an opportunity for BMW, we would be selling 3 components:

2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Item 1 50k x 0.12USD/pc 80k x 0.11USD/pc 100k x 0.10USD/pc 200k x 0.08USD/pc 200k x 0.08USD/pc 50k x 0.12USD/pc 10k x 0.20USD/pc
Item 2 100k x 0.1USD/pc 160k x 0.095USD/pc 200k x 0.09USD/pc 400k x 0.07USD/pc 400k x 0.07USD/pc 100k x 0.1USD/pc 20k x 0.18USD/pc
Item 3 200k x 0.05USD/pc 320k x 0.045USD/pc 400k x 0.04USD/pc 800k x 0.03USD/pc 800k x 0.03USD/pc 200k x 0.05USD/pc 40k x 0.06USD/pc

I was thinking to create one opportunity per year.... but that not very practicle, specially because then we loose the overall view of the opportunity itself.

Can anyone help how to implement define this feature?

Thanks a lot!