I am looking to integrate a way of accepting payments into D365 so that (a) when users send out quotes, (b) they can include a hyperlink to a payment (similar to QuickBooks) in that quote email (c) such that the customer can click the hyperlink and pay the quote.

Any recommendations, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Possible/Acceptable Methods of Doing This:

(a) A D365 Add-In that creates a PayPal or Square Pay Invoice that mirrors the D365 Quote or Invoice, and provides me with a way to obtain that link and include it in the D365 Quote or Invoice that is sent out to the customer. 

(b)A D365 Add-In that accepts and processes payment data that comes through in the last step of the process listed below: 

  • A Payment form is exposed via SharePoint such that customers can click a specially encoded hyperlink in the Quote Email or Invoice Email
  • The hyperlink encoding causes certain fields in the Sharepoint form to autofill with the Quote ID and Dollar Amount or Invoice ID and Dollar Amount
  • The customer fills in the credit card #, payment address, expiration, and CVV or Bank Account and Routing Numbers and clicks submit
  • A Power Automate Flow inserts everything in D365 and then a plugin triggers the actual acceptance and processing of the payment via the Payment Processing Add-In or Gateway that is item (b)

(c) A D365 Add-In that achieves what I need and costs nothing other then the fees to process the transactions.