Hi everyone, I had posted this question on Reddit awhile ago and got an answer but I don't see how it's correct.  I'm using Opportunity Scoring in Sales Insights, but when I have it auto generate the model on its own, it insists on including the "Actual Revenue" field.  If I remove it, then it says Not Ready to Publish and that my model will be poor.  The reason I don't understand this though is because when an opportunity is open, it's the Est. Revenue field you use, as Actual Revenue is always blank until the opportunity is closed as won.

When I posted this question on Reddit, I was told that it's obvious, that it's using Actual Revenue to look at won opportunities, and that it is comparing my Est. Revenue field, to won opps Actual Revenue field, however I don't see how that's possible nor do I think it does this.

In ALL opportunities it shows the score being improved due to Actual Revenue, but it says this for every single one: "100% of opportunities with a field Actual Revenue (Base) that's blank are won, which is higher than the overall win rate of 60%."

Again, that makes no sense as it's ALWAYS going to be blank until the opportunity is won.  

It then shows the Est. Revenue field also, but this time as a score harmer, saying "33% of opportunities with a field Est. Revenue (Base) that's less than $50,000 are won, which is lower than the overall win rate of 60%."

Can I remove the "Actual Revenue" field from the model, or is it mandatory?  On Reddit the responses I got basically said it's mandatory as it's the #1 field used to check opportunity health, but I just don't understand how that's possible being that the only benefit of it is that it says "Actual Revenue is blank, like 100% of won opportunities."  Well no kidding, that shouldn't be something that improves the score, or am I missing something here?