We are facing an issue developing a custom SSRS report for Dynamics 365 CRM/Sales Quotes.

When we run the report it always displays descriptions based on the current user UI Language. However, we need that Spanish users launch the report with the English translations of the descriptions of product and properties.

We have noticed that if the user changes his UI language to English (LCID 1033) descriptions appear as we expected (English). Obviously we have previously translated all values for products and properties descriptions via CrmFieldTranslations.

The report datasource is a FetchXml that joins "quote", "quotedetail", "dynamicpropertyinstance" and "dynamicproperty".

Our main language is Spanish (LCID 3082) and all users have that language configured in the user interface.

Here is the FetchXml I'm using

<fetch distinct="false" useraworderby="false" no-lock="false" mapping="logical">
  <entity name="quote" enableprefiltering="1" prefilterparametername="CRM_FilteredQuote">
    <attribute name="quoteid" />
    <attribute name="quotenumber" />
    <attribute name="customerid" />
    <attribute name="name" />    
    <link-entity name="quotedetail" from="quoteid" to="quoteid" link-type="outer" alias="QuoteDetail1" enableprefiltering="1" prefilterparametername="CRM_FilteredQuoteDetail">
      <attribute name="quotedetailid" alias="LineID" />
      <attribute name="productname" alias="LineProductName" />
      <attribute name="description" alias="LineDescription" />
      <attribute name="priceperunit" alias="LinePricePerUnit" />
      <attribute name="quantity" alias="LineQty" />
      <attribute name="baseamount" alias="LineBaseAmount" />
      <link-entity name="dynamicpropertyinstance" from="regardingobjectid" to="quotedetailid" link-type="outer" alias="dynPropInstance">
        <attribute name="dynamicpropertyinstanceid" />
        <attribute name="valuestring" />
        <attribute name="valuedouble" />
        <attribute name="valueinteger" />
        <attribute name="valuedecimal" />
        <attribute name="name" />
        <link-entity name="dynamicproperty" from="dynamicpropertyid" to="dynamicpropertyid" link-type="outer" alias="dynProp">
          <attribute name="dynamicpropertyid" />
          <attribute name="datatype" />
          <attribute name="name" alias="PopertyName" />
          <attribute name="description" alias="PopertyDesc" />
          <link-entity name="dynamicpropertyoptionsetitem" from="dynamicpropertyid" to="dynamicpropertyid" link-type="outer" alias="ItemPropertyValues">
            <attribute name="dynamicpropertyoptionsetvalueid" />
            <attribute name="dynamicpropertyoptiondescription" />
            <attribute name="dynamicpropertyoptionname" />
            <attribute name="dynamicpropertyoptionvalue" />

Thank you in advanced.