In this post I am going to explain how we can upload invoices against payments which need to be settled against payment using Data Management.

Many times, we get requirement from customer that we want to create payment lines and then we want upload list of invoices which should be marked against each payment lines. So how do we do this?

So, lets understand this by one scenario:

We have two payment lines in USMF company and against each line we want upload 2-2 invoices for settlement.

Note: This same process is applied for customer payments as well.

Pre-requisites: You should be aware about data management import export.

Step-1: Create Vendor Payment Journal Lines

There is not marked transaction against both payment line for settlement.

Note: This can also be done using “Open in Excel” using Vendor Payment Data entity Excel Add-in or Data Management

Step-2: Export Template from Data management

Entity Name: Vendor payment journal line settled invoice.

Step-3: Prepare Data in Downloaded template

Step-4: Create Import Project in Data Management and import data in prepared file.

Step-5: View marked transactions.

After importing the file now let’s navigate to created payment journal in step-1 and select each line and click on view marked transactions.

As we can see invoices have been marked in respected Payment lines.

Tip: You can create the Document template for this Vendor payment journal line settled invoice data entity and list in open in excel, so that you need not to navigate to Data management.

You can read here how to create document template:

Create your own Document Template.

Here is process to list custom template in Open in Excel option

That’s it for this blog.

Thank you!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!