We are pleased to announce a new worker form that significantly enhances employee and employment data information management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent. The new form will be available for all Dynamics 365 Talent environments beginning October 1, 2019.

 A simplified navigation model and the ability to quickly update work history for past, active, and future employees and contractors improves efficiency. With these enhancements, you will save time when searching for information, as it is available ‘at a glance’ and greatly reduce the number of steps it takes to update employee and contractor records.

 Watch the new worker form in action in this demonstration video, or read more below:

  • A banner has been added to the worker form to dynamically provide key information at a glance based on employee status. Active status employees will display: title, department, position type, worker type, manager, phone, email, and years of service.

  • Enter and view full work history for all future, past, and current employment data
  • Easily update future, past and active employees without having to enter information in the “manage changes” pages
  • Eliminate the need to change date context when updating future or past employments


  • Personalize the form by selecting what you see when you open the employee/worker list. Drill-down on View options to select the available combinations of worker type, status and employments.


  • The navigation has been updated to simplify the action pane.


  • A centralized tab allows access to additional employee information.


  • Use the Position fast tab to access full position history.


The new worker form within Dynamics 365 Talent simplifies employee management providing better visibility and efficient information updates.

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