To use personnel actions you first need to activate worker and or positions actions in the human resources shared parameters -> personnel actions.

 Human resources shared parameters personnel actions

When you have activated the actions, you can go to personnel management and see the activated actions types or add new personnel action types.

 Personnel action types

To create a new personnel action type you click new fill inn the fields and click save.

You need to choose a personnel action from a set of predefined actions:

  • Create positions
  • Modify positions
  • Hire a worker
  • Transfer a worker
  • Terminate a worker
  • Change fixed compensation

You can also set security roles for the action.

Create personnel action typesCreate personnel action types

You can set up actions to be created through a workflow or you can create actions manually. To create a new action manually you navigate to personnel management – > Positions/Worker actions

Link page on personnel managementLink page on personnel management

From there you click the position or worker action in the action tab and choose the action type.

Create a new position actionCreate a new position action