We provisioned the two allowed Talent instances in our tenancy. The non-prod instance was provisioned in an existing sandbox with D365 Sales and PSA. The other Talent instance was provisioned in the existing D365 production instance, which has the same D365 applications. For future integration purposes, it just made sense at the time to provision Talent together with the other 365 applications.

Then we had an incident in which the sandbox had to be restored from a backup. All worked well for Sales and PSA. However, despite everyone's best efforts, it took about a week for Microsoft to make Talent work again in the sandbox. This is a concern because an application such as Talent will be mission-critical for this client. We just can't wait one week to have Talent restored in production if a need arises to do so. 

We are now contemplating provisioning Talent in its own sandbox and production environments, so that any restore for Sales and PS would have no impact to Talent. 

We would love to hear your considerations about the subject, pros and cons of having Talent in a distinct CDS environment.


Roque Daudt