This termination form for workers in Talent currently has two-step process for Managers:

  • Populate below form
  • Submit in a second screen the request through the workflow.

I am trying to design this as a one step process for managers and workflow to kick off as soon as they press submit on the form. If a Manager has employees on different geographies, I would want to system to allow them to submit the termination transaction without a need for a Manager to switch their view to be in same entity as the employee. 

Also, I want to have ‘Personal Request’ automatically picking up this is a termination(TermReq) without necessity for a Manager to fill in the field. I tried Personalise this form option but I couldnt see any option to edit the existing field which allows to assign the default value as TermReq to Personnel action type field. 

Could anyone please provide some guidance or pointers to some learning document for this task?