When developing a report in Visual Studio 2010 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 I wanted to include the parameters quoted in the “No Rows Message.”  This message is simply the text that is inserted into the report when no data is found.

I had to use the apostrophe to simulate the quotes that I wanted to display in the result.  Here is an example of what I ended up with:

="Value ''" + Parameters!PayablesByGLDataset_AccountNum.Value + "'' did not match any records for the selected dates."

Below are the characters typed out as they are difficult to decipher with some typography:

apostrophe = ‘ [single tick] quotation mark = “ [double tick]

=[quotation mark]Value[apostrophe, apostrophe, quotation mark] + Parameters!PayablesByGLDataset_AccountNum.Value + [quotation mark, apostrophe, apostrophe] did not match any records for the selected dates.[quotation mark]

The final result.

Report on DAX friends!

Author Shon Harsh

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
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