I think this is a powerful tool for implementers and users, it is enable to Mass update records and fields data.

Example: Enable "Locked in journal" for a group of accounts from the chart of accounts.

1- Open Chart of accounts details
2- Select an account.
3- Right-Click the field you want to update "Locked in journal" field.
Note: You have to right-click the field you want to update in only.
4- Select "Record Info" from the drop down menu.
5- Click the "Full Utility" button from the window appear.
6- In the inquiry form, select the following criteria:
* Select range of accounts you want to update.
*Select the field you want to update "Locked in Journal".
7- After finishing your criteria Click "OK" button.
8- A new window appears show the range of accounts selected.
Note: Warning message appears at the top of this window illustrate that you have to backup your database before make any changes.
It may take a long time with you if you want to change data in the specific field for number of records.
9- Click "OK" button.
10- A new window appear shows the selected field.
11- Click on checkbox "Locked in journal".
12- Click "OK" button.