What is business analysis, and why does the business analyst play such a key role in Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation projects?
According to the Microsoft Sure Step methodology as it relates to Microsoft Dynamics AX, the analysis phase of an implementation project is all about requirement details, and we frequently use analysis templates and checklists to ensure nothing is unlocked.
Most Dynamics AX application consultants know that one of the deliverables that should be given to the customer is the Functional Requirement Document (FRD), also called a Solution Requirement Document (SRD). This document reflects the information gained from customer requirements and should require sign-off to move from the analysis to design phase of a project.
I will not go into the process of the creating these documents or their templates but rather I want to look at the role of doing business analysis as part of a Dynamics AX implementation. While it's important to understand different techniques and methods of collecting and communicating requirements, I want to focus on the professional development of the AX professional carrying out business analysis, and why so much depends on that role.

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