As more and more amazing employees start their career at Microsoft and help contribute to their mission, it's become clear that something has to be done. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't work for Microsoft in no particular order: 

  1.  You can't handle the awesome culture
    • "We will only achieve our mission if we live our culture. We start with becoming learners in all things—having a growth mindset. Then we apply that mindset to learning about our customers, being diverse and inclusive, working together as one, and—ultimately—making a difference in the world." -Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.
    • For some, there might not be a whole lot of culture seen in the workplace, or it might not be the kind you want to see. Here at Microsoft, company culture is one of the top initiatives for Satya Nadella. If you chose to work for Microsoft, be prepared to live out these awesome cultural values in your work. Focusing on aspects such as a growth mindset (being a "learn-it-all"), diversity, inclusion, and being customer-obsessed allows employees and the company as a whole to directly make a difference in the world. In conversations I had during my first several months with the Dynamics 365 Services business, almost every single person mentioned how the culture here at Microsoft impacted their career choice. If you aren't looking for a strong sense of culture in your job, you're missing out.
  2. Having impressive employee benefits isn't cool
    • Ask anyone what their favorite Microsoft benefit is, and I am sure getting reimbursed for fitness expenditures is on the list. One of the best benefits offered at Microsoft is the "Stay Fit" program. With this, you are reimbursed around $800 per year for fitness-related expenses… physically, financially, and emotionally. You can spend this on anything ranging from workout gear/clothing, financial advising, and debt management. Not only do Microsoft employees receive great benefits, but they also give back. With the "Employee Give Campaign" Microsoft matches donations employees make to charities, as well as donating $25 for every hour they volunteer. These are a few of the many great benefits you can expect in addition to the amazing culture at Microsoft. If you want to check out the others, you can read more on the benefits and perks of being a US Microsoft employee at
  3. Having an exceptional work-life balance sounds awful
    • Working for Microsoft allows you to accommodate the needs of your family with a flexible work schedule. Satya Nadella advocates for work-life harmony and flexibility in workplace policies, to have the best employees. Having a balance between work and your home life allows employees to put their best self forward at work and home. Being able to work remotely is also a great perk. Nothing is worse than having a schedule that you can't rearrange for family events, appointments, personal days… At Microsoft, work-life harmony is one of the top values people appreciate about working here.
  4. You don’t have access to cutting edge technologies and services
    • One of the coolest parts about being an employee here is working with Microsoft's products and technologies. It's pretty neat to be able to use the software that people like you created. Not to mention that you have access to many Microsoft services and products at no charge to you, and even get discounts on products. Working on the same Surface tablet or laptop that the company sells allows you to see how their products perform in the real world. If you ever have any questions on how to use any Microsoft software? You may just be able to walk over and have a conversation with a person that works in that area!
  5. What’s the big deal about the Cloud anyway?
    • Microsoft has reimagined the future and put a great deal of brainpower into creating cloud-based technologies and services for customers. In fact, they have the largest commercial cloud business in the world! Whether you’re using Office 365 for personal use on your laptop or phone, leveraging Azure for cloud computing needs, or unifying and optimizing your business through Dynamics 365, there is no doubt that Microsoft has a cloud service right up your alley. Don't join Microsoft if you aren't fired up about being a part of making history in the world of technology.

I hope you enjoyed this clever take on the perks of being a Microsoft employee If you are interested in a career at Microsoft, you can read more on current job offerings at You can also find additional information on the culture at Microsoft here at