I'm Megan Lenling, a student at North Dakota State University (GO BISON!), as well as a summer intern here at the Fargo campus working in the marketing/communications area of the Dynamics Services business. So far, learning about the world of Dynamics 365 has been quite interesting. After three weeks I've been introduced to Dynamics 365, Premier Field Engineers (PFEs), Designated Service Engineer (DSEs), Technical Account Managers (TAMs), as well as Consultants. At the same time, I have also been Binging every unfamiliar word I've heard and can definitely say that I am close to mastering every abbreviation… NOT! It's surprising to see how many terms I didn't know existed a few short weeks ago. Anyways, it has been an amazing learning experience, from realizing the different roles within the Dynamics 365 business, seeing the different services offered, and much more.

One thing I am certain of is that there are many great people working within the Dynamics 365 Services spectrum. Of the many things that I have learned so far, here are the most noteworthy for those unfamiliar with this field…

  • There are many different moving parts behind the scenes that help to contribute to the success that customers find with using Dynamics 365 services. People play different roles ranging from consulting customers, managing customer accounts, developing services, to hands-on work on the scene with customers. 
  • The product, Dynamics 365, is composed of many different services falling under two main categories. Either the Customer Engagement side (CE) or under the Finance and Operations side (F&O). Services range from in-person or remote workshops and labs, Chalk-Talks, Code and Performance Reviews, to various assessments of current business practices.
  • Microsoft employees are working with Dynamics 365 services all over the world! From those working remotely in Minnesota to those in Germany, all the way to Colombia, and other countries. Overall, it was surprising to see how globally spread D365 is and all of the cool opportunities for employees to travel. It’s neat to hone in my communication skills as I conduct meetings and calls with people who aren’t in a cubicle next door. Also, it has been a great way to practice time management, as I go from meeting people in the office to "virtually meeting" those in other countries.
  • The PFEs and TAMs that I have met with are all about supporting and working with their customers. Many have talked about how awesome it is to see the results that D365 services have had for companies and to see how this work has improved their efficiency. It is clear that those working in Dynamics 365 do it with a purpose. They work hard in order to match clients with Dynamics 365 Services that will benefit them. Many of which wish they would have purchased these services much earlier. It's great to see all of this exciting feedback from our customers!

Some other cool things I've found out about Microsoft:

Everyone I have come across seems to be very nice and passionate about what they are doing (North Dakota Nice may be a thing after all). The Fargo Campus is beautiful but also very easy to get lost in, plus, I hear the art collection is something else. Moving on, the food is beyond great and I'm especially in awe of the free beverages, including Bubbly, Starbucks Coffee, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Coca-Cola Freestyle!

Although I'm still trying to figure things out, I do like the challenge and independence of my internship. I'm enjoying the fact that I am constantly learning more and more about what Dynamics 365 is and how it works. Working at Microsoft has been amazing so far, and I can't wait to see all of the knowledge and experience I gain from this internship!

-- Keep an eye out for other posts as I will be back to share more of the neat things I am learning about Microsoft and the Dynamics Services business over the next few months.