One of the greatest aspects of my internship is being able to have the opportunity to meet and speak with many employees in the Dynamics 365 Services world. From Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) to Technical Account Managers (TAMs), and Consultants, it has been awesome to hear the different perspectives of those working in Microsoft Services. What's even cooler is looking at the many different industries that utilize D365 services. One area that caught my eye was working in the public sector, given my background in the armed forces, I'm really thankful for the departments that focus on helping veterans and their families.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Hudgins, a Senior Consultant located in Atlanta, Georgia. Lauren shared her previous work history and experience with Dynamics 365 products, as well as how rewarding the opportunity of working with Dynamics 365 Services in the public sector is. It was neat to hear her responses to questions I had asked about what sets Microsoft apart from other companies, and what she enjoys most about working in D365 Services. She mentioned that "Dynamics has already come a long way from when it was first introduced, and it is in a really great place now. Brand recognition itself has significantly grown." Read more in the Q & A below:

Megan Lenling: What are some benefits or things that you think help differentiate Microsoft from other companies

Lauren Hudgins: "The healthcare benefits offered at Microsoft are a huge plus and really helpful for families with children." She also mentioned the Stay Fit program, which reimburses you for wellness-related expenses. Another perk of being an employee with Microsoft is the "awesome discounted stock offerings."  Lauren also talked about the culture here, from the emphasis on learning and acquiring new skills, to the growth mindset and "willingness to allow employees opportunities for growth or to move to different departments within the company."


ML: What are some specifics that get you fired up about working in Dynamics 365 Services?

LH: "The availability of support right at your fingertips and access to product groups is incomparable to what I have experienced when working with other companies." Lauren added to this saying that there is 100% support from those around her, including the PFEs. She said she constantly gets the "feeling that Microsoft won't let you fail," as they will do whatever possible to always be there in supporting and helping when needed.


ML: What are some words or statements that you could use to describe the team you currently work with here at Microsoft?

LH: Lauren described her team as being very welcoming, as they make it easy for new hires to join the team. She said many great words about her co-workers, "unique, hardworking, down to earth," as well as that "they are dedicated to the cause of supporting Veterans which is very cool to be a part of". She brought up "how great it is to be a part of something more tangible," as opposed to work she has done on other projects. "When you are able to be involved in working for such a good cause, it changes your whole perspective of the job."


It was great to meet Lauren Hudgins and discuss working in the public sector within Dynamics 365. She had a lot of great comments to make about her work, and I totally agree with her statement about how working for a good cause can change your perspective of the job. As always, I welcome the opportunity to learn more about Dynamics 365 and its capabilities, as well as the ability to chat with employees on why they're fired up about working in Microsoft Services. Looking forward to unveiling more about the Dynamics 365 Services business. You can read more on the benefits and perks of being a Microsoft employee at