Dynamics AX monthly webinar series.

This webinar-series is delivered by Support engineers who works in the domains for AX Technical (code, upgrade, setup etc.), AX Supply chain management (SCM) (Production,Warehouse management etc.) and AX Finance (the rest) in the Service and Support organization.

The agenda will vary from webinar to webinar, so all partners that are registered for the event series, will get an agenda for the particular webinar some days before, this to enable you to determine on forehand if you will attend the event.

The subjects will mostly be:

- Known issues,

- Latest hotfixes

- Design limitations

- "Uncharted territory"

- Tips & Tricks

- New features

Date and time:

Always the last Thursday in a month, beginning in November, from 4:00 to 5:00 CET - November 28th 2013 to June 26th 2014 (December excluded)

When you register for the event at Partner Learning Center, make sure that you register for all the webinars. Link for registration: