Is Microsoft too Late to the Tablet & Mobile Game?

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To answer the title of this entry, directly and promptly, from my point-of-view, No! Microsoft is not too late, and in fact I believe that the Win8 Tablets, and the Windows Phone will become a standard in both device types. I realize, that typically I focus on Microsoft Dynamics, and you could then ask, why this article on the Dynamics Community site? Simply put, Mobile ERP already is trending heavily for a topic of focus for most companies, and that will continue in 2012 and beyond. To this fact, it's important to understand what this means for the Dynamics Ecosystem.

Without a doubt, we can't speak to tablets without saying something about the current top player, Apple and it's iPad. I'm a current user myself, and for sure Apple has found a spot among the masses for this device type. Further Apple and Google with it's Android devices, have shifted the smart phone / mobile device landscape, and will for sure continue to be top players in the space. With that said however, Microsoft, the perceived "sleeping giant", in this space, is far from resting in sweet slumber. 

To talk to the first point of why I believe Microsoft will come out a dominant force on the mobile front, we need to focus first on the efforts, and focus around Windows 8, and the WinRT platform, as well as the Windows Phone front and the Metro style user experience.


It is without a doubt, a lot of focus has been placed around this new platform, and the vision of "three screens and a cloud" is finally coming to light. With this focus, and the "all in" cloud movement that is sweeping across every single product team for Microsoft, the ability to create applications, and make use of applications via cloud based utility computing from Azure, will empower a massive uptake in the adoption and use of Windows 8 Tables, PC's and Phones for businesses world wide.

With this in mind, how does this play into Dynamics ERP? Simply put, the Mobile ERP movement that will take full focus for this year, and set firm into 2013, will drive the use of Win8 devices, and create the Microsoft Dynamics "Any Device" ERP. Companies that are Microsoft based shops like developing with Microsoft technologies, because they can get what they need, when they need it, without having to worry about the "walled garden" that exist in the Apple ecosystem. The heart of such moves, Microsoft Dynamics AX will be right there, along with technologies like Visual Studio, as well as "LightSwitch" and it's ability to enable companies to create Line-Of-Business (LOB) Apps. 

Through such technologies, and the need to provide "Any Device ERP", as well as the fact that Microsoft continues to use Microsoft Dynamics AX as it's Locus of Innovation, Microsoft is far from being declared to little to late, instead, the champion of business software will bring the game to a new level, and one that we will see companies welcome, embrace, and in my own words, what companies have been waiting for. There are so many great technologies, that help enable mobile ERP for Dynamics AX, one that I have personally worked with and implemented in DynamicsAnywhere. It's just an example of how even the ISV community, that works within the Dynamics Ecosystem is helping make my prediction, already yesterday's news.

So if your looking for a solid bet on the future, bet on Microsoft, Windows 8, and of course the Microsoft Locus of Innovation, Microsoft Dynamics AX!


  • Do not get me wrong, I will not be buying the surface 2 ", God forbid, you will buy a Microsoft product. Was there any need for this statement? Material turned out to be a potentially great, in the biased nonsense.

    IPad was launched two exciting? No, but your point of view is reflected in the fact Apple was clearly in it for the long term..

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