I hope everyone is doing great this fine Dynamics Day! I thought I would warm back up the writing presses, if you will, with some exciting news. Microsoft has released to InformationSource the Beta release of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework

The above is from the Data Migration User's guide, which you can find at the following location.: Data Migration Framework User Guide [AX 2012]

Further you can download the beta release for this new framework, located at InformationSource from the following link: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework (Beta) Download. Keep in mind that you do need PartnerSource or CustomerSource access for this download. Further please keep in mind this is Beta.

The approach that this data migration framework is something that we at IDB Solutions have been using for now two years working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The basics are simple, you de-normalize the datasets that make up the Data model in AX 2012 with targeted staging tables. Then you have X++ code that work against the staging tables, to fill the normalized, and sometimes super normalized, datasets of AX 2012.

The configuration aspect, or process for this framework is spelled out below. This was also taking from the above referenced user's guide.:
  • 1) Determine entities in source system
  • 2) Define the source data format
  • 3)Identify entities to place in processing group
  • 4) Define the processing group
  • 5) Source to Staging (Entity Map)
  • 6) Staging to Target (Entity Map)

Further there is also a Model file that needs to be installed into your target instance of AX 2012. You can do this, with the following example - based on the AXUtil application.: 'axutil import /file: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework (CTP)\DataMigrationFramework.axmodel"'. You can find this as part of the above referenced user guide, in the install section.

I'm in the process of downloading this now for use on my clients AX 2012 projects. I plan on having a follow up post on my thoughts of the framework, ease of use, extending it and more.

That's all for this kick off post, and check back soon as I continue to cover this new framework, as well as more cloud stories, a continue focus on EP and of course BI on the brain!Till Next Time!
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