Error message :  One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account or contains a ledger account that is not valid. Use the Accounting distribution form or the Posting profile to update the ledger account. The state of the source document or source document line could not be updated.

Version : Ax 2012 R3 / D365FO

Module : Inventory management

Localization : All

Critical : Blocking

French message :  Une ou plusieurs répartitions comptables n’ont pas de compte général ou en contiennent un qui n’est pas valide. Utilisez l’écran Répartition comptable ou le Profil de validation pour mettre à jour le compte général. Impossible de mettre à jour l’état du document source ou de la ligne de document source.


Explanation :  When doing the product receipt posting for a purchase order, D365FO is updating the account ledger (note : it’s up to a setup; in fact you may choose having or not having some ledger transactions when receiving). So, the setup has to be done previously. Most of the time, when a setup is missing, le system prompts which posting type is wrongly setup, but not always. Here it’s the tax account definition that is missing.

Solution : Solution is simple, you have to setup the tax account to use it in the posting of the inventory stock module (Inventory management -> Setup -> Posting -> Posting). It’s here possible to define account according to item groups, procurement category, supplier groups, etc.

Trick and tips :
• This setup is not supported in the Tax module.
• This error is quite generic, the origin could be something else.
• Most of the time, the system will tell you which posting type definition is missing but if not, it will give that error message


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