Whether you are a CIO of a large firm or a consultant working with a variety of clients, a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics AX Sandbox will give you the opportunity to truly test the software against company needs.


Selecting an enterprise resource planning solution is one of the most critical steps in an ERP implementation strategy, and it is the first critical step that will determine success or failure of the project.  The ERP product you select will either fit the company’s culture and functionality needs or not.  No matter how smoothly the implementation goes, if the product isn’t a fit it ultimately results in failure.  Choose the right product and it becomes the backbone of the organization for years, and the surest way to get a feel for how an ERP solution will fit in with the company is to try before you buy.

Panorama Consulting offers four things to consider when assessing ERP software.

  1. How is it to navigate the user interface and how well does the system fit your business operations?
  2. Can your easily execute business processes in the system?
  3. Are employees able to perform job functions without the software inhibiting their day-to-day responsibilities?
  4. Will the company be able to seamlessly, efficiently and effectively run its operations using the system?

This is where the goERPcloud Microsoft Dynamics AX sandbox shines.  We’re not saying that Dynamics AX is guaranteed to be the right product for your project, but it is certainly a favorite solution among large enterprises because of its power, scalability, simple integration and of course the friendly Microsoft interface that most offices are already familiar with.

To see the powerful ERP solution in action, the best option is to test drive it for yourself using the goERPcloud Dynamics AX sandbox. Murray Fife, a Microsoft Dynamics AX expert, recently took a tour around the AX sandbox and found it to be ahead of its class.

“I was introduced to goERPcloud, and I have to admit this is a super cool offering,” said Fife in a blog. “They offer a free trial service for test driving Dynamics AX R3 where you can sign up for a 30 day trial, without having to give them a single digit of your credit card number. I didn’t buy it either, but I tried it out and gosh darn it – it worked like a charm.”

Whether or not AX turns out to be the right solution for your business, or your client’s business if you are a consultant, it definitely deserves a place on your short list.  And being able to get into the AX sandbox and really get a feel for the solution will go a long way toward limiting risk when selecting ERP.


About goERPcloud

goERPcloud is the first on-demand Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Marketplace that allows you to test drive different flavors of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and CRM with preconfigured 3rd party applications.  goERPcloud boasts a robust ecosystem of Microsoft Dynamics Partners, helping businesses find the cloud-based software solutions that best fit their current and future business needs.  Since 2000 RoseASP.com, the power behind goERPcloud, has provided hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications to businesses around the world. For more information about goERPcloud, visit www.goERPcloud.com.

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