Cloud retail solutions help mom and pop shops compete against big retailers by playing to the biggest advantage of being small – agility.


While large enterprises have complicated corporate hierarchies that can slow down processes, small retailers have the agility to more easily adapt to the changing demands of the retail industry and customers.  Mom and Pop shops can play to this advantage by leveraging small retailer cloud solutions to gain efficiency, mobility, better customer loyalty programs and of course improved agility.

What’s more, many cloud based solutions allow small and mid-sized business to tap into enterprise level technology without the high cost and need for heavy IT lifting.

A recent article at identified four things small retailers can do to compete against large scale corporate retailers.  Let’s look at how these four recommendations can be achieved with a cloud based retail management solution.

Tap Into Existing Customers Now

With the right technology in place, small retailers can engage and nurture their top customers more easily with customer relationship management that enables automated email marketing campaigns that can be targeted based on buying habits, and detailed customer information that can be accessed from anywhere.  Retailers can also keep their best customers engaged with integrated social media networking.

Leverage Your Current Customers to Recruit New Ones

Leveraging social media has never been easier as solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail and CRM allow you connect directly to social tools like Yammer and Skype to make connections with your customers based on shopping history data.  This will help store owners encourage customers to spread the word virally, especially when they engage customers with sharable coupons, making them more likely to bring their circles to your business.

Work to Increase Average Order Value and Number of Items Per Order

Track KPIs and gain insight into buying habits.  Know what upsells and add-ons to offer customers based on what other customers with the same purchases have added.  Improve store layout to encourage impulse shopping and know your top performing products to better stock impulse racks.  With integrated business intelligence and sophisticated analytics, retailers are better equipped to improve margins and raise the average total per ticket.

Encourage Account Registration for Shoppers

Make it easy for customers to sign up and manage their customer loyalty account with simple cloud based mobile access.  Encourage sign-ups with special offerings and coupons.

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