Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations One version information to CDS

With this blog, I intend to share information on leveraging D365FO data into CDS for downstream usage.


For this we would use Power Platform - Data Integrator for Common Data Services, PowerApps and Flow. It helps in connecting multiple business applications such as “Dynamics 365 for Sales” and “Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations……..etc


We would cover data pull/push from D365FO to CDS.


The setup comprises of creating your own environment in PowerApps using PowerApps admin portal

Next we create connections CDS for the previously created environment or


We'll add the connection for 'Dynamics 365 for Fin & Ops'


We need to ensure to add connection for 'Common Data Service'

We are using Common Data Service for this blog and not using CDS current environment nor CDS experimental



Ensure the connections contains both CDS and D365FO/FinOps as shown below


Next let us create custom entities in CDS to host data coming from D365FO


We start by creating a new Entity in the PowerApps Web Portal:

Let us create an entity for Vendor Groups'

Once the custom entity is created in CDS we are now ready to switch to PowerApps admin portal to create our data integration.


We first create a connection set involving our connections a shown below

Verify the connection, environment and organization mappings to be accurate

We then create a data integration project with one of the template 'Fin and Ops to CDS'


After template selection we specify the connection setting

Once the project is ready we then create tasks involving one or many entities to schedule sync.

By clicking on the Source or diestination column values for the selected task it would take us to mapping screen as shown below.

We then save our project and run it.

Upon running the project, we can check execution history for upserts


After successful run, we can verify data in CDS by going to entities in PowerApps under Data tab.

Happy D365FO