Movement by template in advanced warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations One Version to enable scenarios related to generating work for movement for quality and any specific need

The feature 'movement by template' is very helpful to move inventory by initiating a pick and using directed put away to enable several scenarios e.g. Quality, QMS, custom…….

Could also use movement by template to move items with various inventory status and also having corresponding directive codes.

Sharing in brief with visuals, setup needed

  • Setup new Directive code - CodeMT
  • Location directives - use new one for Inventory movement with work type PUT so that once a warehouse worker initiates picking, system would guide the person the put to particular location (e.g. packing, test, etc.)

  • Work templates - use existing for Inventory movement
  • Mobile device meu item - Work mode, no existing work, work creation process - movement by template and assign work template and directive code- CodeMT

Note the flag ' create movement' which can be turned on when some other worker to need to do the put away for this movement.

Use the mobile app to initiate movement by scanning location/LP and then the location directive would be utilized by the work template to suggest where to put away.

Happy D365FO and WMS