Vendor invoice automation upcoming features in release 2 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance 

Suggested below are expected features in Vendor invoice automation

Vendor invoice automation – Analytics and metrics
Vendor invoice automation – Match product receipts to invoice lines that have a three-way matching policy
Vendor invoice automation – Prevalidate vendor invoice posting
Vendor invoice automation – Submit imported vendor invoices to workflow
Vendor invoice automation – Tracking imported invoice amount and imported sales tax amount
Vendor invoice automation – Tracking the invoice received date
Vendor invoice automation – Automation history for vendor invoices
Vendor invoice automation – Resume automated processing for multiple invoices

Some additional features:

  • Vendor invoice entry workspace lets you focus on vendor invoices that didn't make it through the automated process.
  • Tiles on the workspace list information about vendor invoices that weren't successfully submitted to workflow, imported, or matched to product receipts.
  • The workspace now lets you switch the view to a different company without having to sign in to a different company.
  • Power BI metrics are also provided to give accounts payable managers insight into the efficiencies of vendor invoice automation.
  • information includes the number of days to process an invoice, the percentage of invoices in the last 30 days that were successfully processed without being touched, the reasons that an invoice failed automation, and additional workflow analytics.