microstrategy-logoWe have recently celebrated our one year anniversary of being a MicroStrategy business intelligence partner, and I’m excited to share some good news that could help you add some BI glitter to your intelligence arsenal at a lower price point.

MicroStrategy has announced a change in their current packaging and pricing that actually allows for more features and functionality to be purchased at a lower price point. Previously, MicroStrategy required roughly 20 products to get the full set of features.

Now, with the recent change in pricing and packaging, the number of products has been reduced to only four products that are necessary in order to receive the full benefits of the MicroStrategy platform.

Customer benefits of the revised packaging and pricing include:

  • Bringing the industry’s best analytics within reach of every user (All existing users get full product features at no additional fee)
  • Ensuring customers can realize the full value of the software, for present and future deployments
  • Enables MicroStrategy to provide their software at market competitive prices
  • Simplifies purchasing decisions for customers
  • Eliminates unnecessary configuration discussions

There is a nice write up, which explains the move, and highlights found here on the MicroStrategy blog: MicroStrategy write up

I have to take a moment to also plug my new blog, DataPrimes.com. If you followed me before on my now retired Microsoft Dynamics AX Blogspot blog, I hope you’ll check out my new side project where I’ll be blogging about business intelligence. In one of my posts over there, you’ll find a more detailed write up of the pricing changes at MicroStrategy.