This week’s blog post comes from guest writer, Brandon George. Brandon is the Director of Business Intelligence here at Sunrise Technologies.

Sunrise brings mobile BI to a whole new level for customers with the inclusion of the MicroStrategy platform to Sunrise’s total solution offering. Mobile BI needs have been around for a while and MicroStrategy Mobile platform has been answering the call longer than any other platform to date.


Further, with the MicroStrategy Mobile offering, it’s more than just mobile business intelligence and analytics. This now brings with it the possibilities to craft truly engaging mobile user experiences.

 Take into consideration a company that wants to expose a more agile and mobile workforce. With MicroSteategy Mobile platform, a company can easily target and create mobile experiences – across device platforms – to empower their user base. With MicroStrategy Mobile BI from Sunrise, we can help such customers create truly engaging mobile experiences that go beyond reporting and analytics.

Through Sunrise’s expertise, we can quickly help create a mobile experience for internal users that allow them to work with data on the go and interact with their transactional back-end systems as well. Further scenarios reach well beyond the internal proverbial walls of a customer.

Such engaging mobile experiences, via MicroStrategy Mobile, can easily target B2B, B2C and B2E scenarios. Of course, your next blockbuster game for the iPhone would not be crafted using the platform. However, it is possible to allow your workforce to securely access data that is important to them in an engaging manner.

When we say mobile BI, we are talking about dashboards and specific reporting analytics that are for a company, division, department, etc. When we are talking about beyond mobile BI, we are saying that through the same platform you can easily create feature rich data experiences that go well beyond reporting and analytics.

 One of the most surprising things that customers realize right away is the turn-around time for such deliverables and the lowered TCO for managing and crafting custom data experiences through internal resources. All this is of course happens once they are properly trained.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us and stay tuned for more posts on BI!