Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a layered architecture where partners and customers each have a layer where they can make customizations without disrupting each other‘s work. The independent layers make on-going changes and upgrades more manageable. One of the customization advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX over All-in-One can be illustrated simply by changing the length of a field 'on the fly' and witnessing how all the related tables adapt to the change automatically. The architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX allows users to make changes to properties such as field length and generate changes in minutes. Microsoft Dynamics AX customers can also quickly configure and activate out-of-the-box workflow templates without the need for IT/developer assistance. Business analysts can customize workflows with the easy to use workflow configurator and business rules editor.

Application Object Tree

This is not the case within SAP. SAP All-in-One is still thought to be too big, too expensive, too complex, and too slow. It has the same overhead and underlying complexity of SAP‘s large enterprise solution, SAP ERP 6.0. Managing business process changes is as complex as SAP ERP 6.0, and workflows can be overly complex for non-programmers. And while customers and partners can each have separate object ranges for customizations, they are still on the same layer which can lead to additional testing.

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