As you search for a new solution to help you manage the financial and operational facets of your distribution organization, you are undoubtedly seeing many mixed messages about the features and benefits of the software you are considering.

In cases such as this, the first way to ensure that you are getting a clear picture is to compare apples to apples. For midsized to large distributors, two of the market leaders that you are most likely considering are SAP All-in-One and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

As you may have noticed, SAP’s messaging is very focused on promoting their proven implementation methodology. Despite also having a proven implementation strategy behind its products, Microsoft Dynamics AX is implemented by the trusted partner that you select thereby freeing Microsoft to focus on the user experience with the product post-implementation.

Since implementation is just the beginning of your journey with an ERP solution, let’s look at how Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP All-in-One compare functionally:

Distribution Functionality:
SAP provides template-based industry solutions delivered via Enhancement Packages that are extensions of Business All-in-One. In addition, SAP partners provide vertical solutions that sit on top of the industry solutions to address niche areas. Microsoft takes a similar approach to industry solutions by relying on partners to develop add-on solutions to build upon the industry foundation within the core application. However, with a solution like Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can gain a customizable application built for your industry that is tested and proven to seamlessly integrate with the core product without paying for the core product, the enhancement package, and the partner developed vertical solution as you would with SAP.

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