Whether you are ready to embrace it or not – we live in a mobile society. But are you ready to take Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile?

It is important that executives today do not underestimate the value of giving all employees, partners, and customers anytime-anywhere connectivity to your business.

According to an Aberdeen Group report, Mobility and BPM Responsiveness, the top drivers for mobility initiatives include:

  1. Operational efficiency needs to improve.
  2. Employee-facing mobile apps provide competitive differentiation.
  3. Want to accelerate time-to-decision making.
  4. Workforce productivity needs to increase.
  5. Increasingly mobile workforce.

Companies that are unable to embrace enterprise mobility and innovate around the opportunities it provides will find it increasingly difficult to compete with those that do achieve the above results.

Let Merit Solutions enable you to provide the people that make up your value chains - your employees, suppliers, and clients – with anywhere, anytime access to the tools and information they need to do their job (or buy your products) as quickly and effectively as possible.

Benefits of working with Merit Solutions for your Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile? project include:

  • Build Once: Xamarin enables us to build a single mobile application entirely in C# - and then deploy it on Android, iOS, or Windows devices.
  • Data Visibility: Integrate back-end enterprise software systems and provide everyone in your organization with access to the data they need to efficiently and effectively perform their tasks.
  • Future Proof: With flexible deployment options, platform extensibility, and cross-platform device capabilities – our mobile and cloud solutions are effectively “future proof”.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing exciting information about one of our mobility clients, Stanley Steemer. As a preview, feel free to visit our Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile? page and go to the bottom to see screenshots of their mobile application!