I’ve run into a lot of folks that have missed the news that we have quite a few PowerBI reports models available. Since January there are about 19 reports models that have been released across different arears of the application. A lot of these have moved to the direct query approach which means that they run on data in the entity store.

I thought it might be helpful to go through setting these up as there are some things that will take a little bit to configure if you want to use these in connection with PowerBI.com to be able to access them in the application.

In this first part we’ll have a look at setting up a demo VM (single box) environment with PowerBI desktop, the data gateway as well as downloading the pbix files from LCS and accessing them in PowerBI desktop.

D365 July 2017 Update 8 (7.0.4565.16211)

It’s worth noting that I’m using the July 2017 released with platform update 8. If you are using earlier builds you will have to deploy some hotfixes to support the objects require by some of the report models to have the data entities and measures. You can see the required KB in the notes in LCS attached to each of the downloaded report models.

As well I’m going to assume in this series that you have already configured PowerBI access to your environment. You can see an overview of the setup in this post.





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