ERROR in SSRS on EP (Enterprise Portal)

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VDY asked a question on 25 Feb 2013 7:48 AM

An error occurred while trying to display the report from the XXX.YYY.PrecDesg folder. This error was caused by the following exception: Cannot read information from SQL Server Reporting Services. Validate that the Report Manager URL is correct.


Can anyone suggest solution for this problem?

I validated URL in AX client->Administration->Reporting Services-> Validate's successfully validated.

I am also able to open the SSRS report from AX client and  Report server URL. 

Above problem comes only when i try to open the same report from Enterprise portal.


Lalasa responded on 25 Feb 2013 8:54 AM


We had similar issues and reason can be:

  • The report taking too long to render and timout beofre rendering. Open the report from client and immediatly try to open the report in EP.
  • Permissions Issue: Open the EP with elevated permissions, like logging in as Admin and open AX as RunASAdministartor and open EP website from AX>Administration> Internet>Websites.
  • Try restarting all the services. This fixes the issue soemtimes.